10618NAT Course In Firearms Safety in Ipswich

 10618NAT firearms safety course and Gun safety course by IPswich


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Ipswich Sporting Firearms, in conjunction with the Queensland Military Rifle Club (RTO #5994) provides nationally accredited 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety for categories A B C D and H.

The courses are run at Ipswich Pistol Club at Karrabin Qld 4306, just outside Ipswich Qld 4305

In accordance with the requirements of VET the overseeing body, all assessments are made on a competency basis. That is to say that students must demonstrate competency in each of the theory and practical elements of the course for which they are sitting in order to be awarded a Safety Certificate for the categories of firearms (guns) they are seeking.

Firearm & Gun Safety Course Format

The courses take about seven hours from start to finish. The course format is in accordance with the nationally accredited guidelines, and consists of several theory components presented in an interactive lecture format, with a written examination at the conclusion of each section, followed by a practical assessment including live firing on the range with the relevant categories of firearms for which safety accreditation is being sought.

The theoretical element of the course is structured as an initial “Common Safety Test” which covers general firearms safety as well as the major legislative and legal obligations surrounding firearms licensing, ownership and use in Queensland. Topics covered include lawful reason for possessing a firearm, licensing requirements, storage requirements, purchase and storage of ammunition, safe use, responsibilities of firearms owners, and also major points of law in relation to the Queensland Weapons Act 1990 (as amended), the Queensland Weapons Regulation 2016 and the Queensland Weapons Categories Regulation 1997.

Following the Common Safety Test, there are “Specific Tests” for each of the firearms categories for which safety accreditation is being sought.

As an example, for Cat AB (generally bolt action repeating rifles, and break action shotguns) there is a category-specific lecture covering these firearms in detail, including identification of specific safety critical parts of a firearm, safe use, lawful uses, ammunition types, how different types of ammunition work, potential ranges and danger zones for different calibres of ammunition and different ammunition types, safe techniques for transport, operation and use of firearms, legal responsibilities for transporting firearms in a public place, where firearms (guns) may be lawfully used, and what permissions are required for use of firearms on private property

Other categories such as C, D and H also have similar Specific Tests which focus on all of the above attributes for Cat AB firearms, but go into specific detail about matters relative to those particular categories.

Assessment & Exercise For Gun & Firearms Safety

Once the theory lectures and open book exams are completed, the course moves to the range for live firing exercises and assessment. Live firing assessment includes a briefing by the instructor about each of the particular firearm types being assessed, and then the students must demonstrate safe handling practices, loading, firing from a number of different positions, and unloading the firearms, misfire and malfunction remedial actions, ensuring a firearm is clear and safe, passing firearms from one person to another, and then the instructor covers basic firearms maintenance, cleaning, storage and other related matters.

On successful completion of all assessments, the student is awarded a Safety Certificate – 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety, for the relevant categories of firearms.


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